Thursday, August 26, 2010

Eggplant and Prosciutto Rolls: An Incredible Eggplant Fiesta

This is an amazing recipe and a wonderful way to cook eggplant.

I need to give credit to the Denver Food Guy for sharing this great recipe.

Most of my eggplant is the eggplant parmesan style. That's what was served at our table almost every night. I learned from my mom, who learned from her mom. And so eggplant parmesan was a family tradition.

I have used it as a pizza topping as well as in sandwiches.

Here is a very uniques way to serve this wonderful recipe. Chef Matteo Carboni from the Academia Barilla Culinary School teach us how to prepare an easy Mediterranean antipasto: eggplant and prosciutto rolls.

Eat, eat!

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