Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Now casting: Owners and employees of family-owned pizzerias in NY/NJ area

I just recieved the following and thought I'd share this with the Pizza Therapy community...

Television show producer, JD, is looking for reality pizza stars...

If you know of anyone who fits the bill as a pizza making family who is a "really fun and friendly bunch and one that's totally "New York", you can contact J.D.

This is how stars are made!

Hey Albert,

I was lucky enough to stumble onto your directory this morning and thought I'd reach out about a project that I'm working on. Since you seem to have quite the working knowledge of all things pizza, I thought you might be able to help!
I'm looking for a family-owned and operated NYC/NJ pizzeria for a new TV project that I'm casting, and I thought you might have a couple favorites or maybe some recommendations of local pizza joints that might fit the bill.
We're looking for a really fun and friendly bunch and one that's totally "New York". Does anything come to mind? I'm attaching a press release that outlines the specifics, and I'd love to hear if you
have any ideas!

Thanks a ton,



Here's the Press Release:

Now casting: Owners and employees of family-owned pizzerias in NY/NJ area

New York, NY - NYC-based talent and casting agency, Vinnie Potestivo Entertainment, is seeking family owned and -operated pizzerias/Italian restaurants to be featured in a new docu-series in the vein of TLC's Cake Boss.

This series will give America an inside look at the daily events that take place in a classic NYC-area pizzeria. Participants should have dynamic personalities as well as a strong sense of family and fun. Pizzerias/restaurants should have a family feel and be run by a humorous and expressive group of characters.

If you've always thought your family could have its own show, or know one that should, this is the chance!To nominate your family, family-owned restaurant or favorite family-run pizzeria, send us an email to
and tell us about your restaurant and/or family.

Vinnie Potestivo Entertainment, Inc. (VPE) is a full service talent and casting company dedicated to finding talent solutions for a myriad of platforms including broadcast, digital and print. Founded in 2008, VPE specializes in casting and the development of long-form character-driven reality programming, celebrity-driven reality programming, host and expert casting, celebrity talent procurement, as well
as branded media.

My response:
Thanks so much for writing JD. I hope we can get more insights into your latest project. Definitely sounds like fun!

pizza all over New Jersey and New York,
albert grande
The Pizza Promoter

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