Tuesday, October 05, 2010

The R Rated Pizza Video: Pizza is Sexy

During one of my conversations with Ed Ladou  (creator of Wolfgang Puck's Pizza as well as California Pizza Kitchen pizza), he remarked: "Pizza is sexy".

Ed went on to explain  how the popularity of pizza has really exploded. And how the image of pizza has changed dramatically over the years.  When Ed first started making pizza, everything was different.

Ed knew pizza. He was a true pizza philosopher and master pizzaiolo.

I wonder what Ed would have thought about the following video.
I'm sure he would have said: "See I told you so..." And Ed, I miss you. You were a true original.

I have to give this video an "R" rating. It's not for everyone. So be forewarned...

But if you like pizza, then you will like this video.

Yeah, I guess Ed was right all along..."Pizza is sexy..."

You can watch a huge collection of pizza videos at Pizza Therapy.

pizza on earth,

Albert Grande
The Pizza Promoter


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mina said...

I can't believe there is an entire blog dedicated to pizza. Awesome.