Sunday, November 21, 2010

Food Wars: Grimaldi's Pizza vs. John's of Bleecker

A great New York City Pizza Challenge was recently orchestrated by the Travel Channel.

This was an episode of their show called Food Wars.

You know things will heat up when you put two great pizzerias head to to pizza.

In one corner of Manhattan we have John's of Bleeker Street. In the other corner we have Grimaldi's Pizza of Brooklyn.
Our good friend Tony Miua of the Slice of Brooklyn Pizza Tour had this to say:

For those of you who missed it last night, I appeared on the Travel Channel's "Food Wars" episode about NYC pizza.They compared two of NYC's legendary pizzerias to see who's the best:. Grimaldi's under the Brooklyn Bridge vs. John's of Bleeker Street.The Travel Channel is airing it again, so set your clocks and devices if you'd like to see it.Who won? I have two words for you: John's? FUHGETTABOUDIT!
 You can visit Tony at A Slice of Brooklyn Pizza Tour here.

We'll let you decide for yourself who makes the best pizza. Here is a clip of the show.

For broadcast times and more information visit The Travel Channel Food Wars.

You can find The Best Pizza in New York at Pizza Therapy.

Here's to more pizza battles.

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