Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Pizza Rider: The Pizzeria Fixer Chapter 1

About a year ago, I got an email from Dino Ciccone.  Dino explained he had a concept for a television show. Since he was a pizza expert and loved motorcycles, he wanted to marry the two passions of his life.

I wished him well and told him to let me know when his pizza television show was finished.

His idea was simple, he would travel around on his motorcycle, visiting different pizzerias that needed help. Not just pizzerias that were a little off course. He wanted to offer his assistance to pizza places that had totally missed the boat.

 He would offer his pizza experience to get these pizzerias back on the right track.

Well Dino true to his word has his television series. It's kind of an Easy Rider as the Ultimate Pizza Guru type of show. Lots of motorcycles, lots of pizza.

A sure fire hit...

In the opening episode Dino attempts to help a pizzeria in sad shape:
  • Their kitchen is filthy
  • They have no consistent dough recipe
  • They use pizza sauce from a can
  • The owners are not even sure they want to be in the pizza business
  • The pizza is just plain pizza. Barely.
Dino offers his assistance to get this pizzeria back in shape. He talks about the importance of using consistent, fresh dough. He teaches them the ear lobe test. He even vents his frustration by speaking in Italian.

Watch the episode right here:

Hey Dino, I'm available for a cameo!

Albert Grande
The Pizza Promoter

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James said...

This is an awesome idea for show!