Thursday, November 04, 2010

The Pizzaiolo As Art

Bonnie writes:

I found your website in my search for pizza connections and I am contacting you to ask you if you would like to partner with us to market our new sculpture “Pizzaiolo.” 

OK, Bonnie, you got my attention. Can you tell me a bit more about this sculpture.

Sure, Albert:. Pizza! As a pizza professional you know how much the world loves pizza. And the Pizzaiolo, the master who creates pizza deserves to be celebrated. Now sculptor Jeff Tritel has done just that. He has created “Pizzaiolo,” a limited edition bronze sculpture celebrating Pizzaiolos everywhere!

“Pizzaiolo” captures the art of the dough. Our Pizzaiolo is spinning pizza dough and that spin is shown in the spin of his body. Here are Jeff’s words about his inspiration for “Pizzaiolo”:

There’s an element of magic in spinning pizza dough and for me, images of joy, wonder, skillful execution and old world charm appear in my mind’s eye. To capture the feeling of spinning dough in a sculpture, I’ve given our chef a radical body twist that adds torque to the image. While I was working on the design I had visions of wide-eyed children, mesmerized by the spinning pizza dough and thinking, “this is soooo cool.” I know that for me the idea of spinning dough is so compelling that the spinner of that dough deserves to be immortalized in bronze.

“Pizzaiolo” is currently in pre-production. This means that the wax design is complete and we expect to have the first finished bronzes ready to deliver approximately March 1. During this pre-production time, we are offering “Pizzaiolo” at a special introductory price which includes the finished signed and numbered bronze sculpture and a Certificate of Authenticity signed by the artist.

“Pizzaiolo” will be cast in a limited edition of only 200. That means that only 200 lucky individuals will ever be able to own “Pizzaiolo.”

Here is a video of Jeff explaining his motivation behind his sculpture.

For mor information about Pizzaiolo, please go to this link.

This is a great way to honor pizzaioli everywhere!

Thanks so much for sharing, Bonnie.

Go here now for more information.

pizza on earth,

albert grande
The Pizzaiolo Promoter
The Pizza Promoter


JD said...

Real art imitates real life, and a piece like this is no exception. I hope this piece lands itself in a few museums.

pizzatherapy said...

Thanks so much for your insightful comments JD.
I have to agree with you. The Pizzaiolo is a priceless piece of art.

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