Monday, December 20, 2010

Easy Pizza Dough from Chef Tony Matassa

Chef Tony knows pizza.

He is a huge pizza fan. He's been making dough for many years and has learned lots of inside tricks.

In the following How to Make Pizza Dough video, he breaks down the process into simple easy to follow steps.

His recipe is very similar to my own pizza dough recipe. (You can claim a copy of my pizza therapy pizza dough recipe by going here.)

I like the addition of honey to the pizza dough recipe. It's a nice touch.

Chef's Tony's video has a great tone to it. He makes it known that anyone can make pizza dough. He is totally correct. And if you haven't made your own pizza yet, now may be time to get started.

Here is his video:

You can also have my own pizza dough recipe and watch my video at the Pizza Therapy, how to make pizza dough page.

However you slice it, when you make pizza, you make magic happen in your kitchen.

So go out and make pizza!

pizza on earth, good will to all!

Albert Grande
The Pizza Promoter

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