Tuesday, February 22, 2011

How to Cook Steamed Clams (Steamers) by pizzatherapy.com

My love affair with clams started before I could talk. I love clams in every way: raw clams on the half shell, clams in chowder, stuffed clams, clam fritters but one of my favorite clams are fried clams. Now these are not strip clams mind you, these are whole clams fried up. With the "bellies" on them.

Not many people realize this but fried clams are steamers dipped in batter and fired in oil. I can't get enough of these babies...and I even dream of clams. Only because I can't get them all the time. You really need to go to New England to have fried clams...

I want to talk about steamers..Oh they are amazing. The taste...the taste...

Steamed clams, are in a class all by themselves. While fried clams (my favorites!)  can be greasy...steamers are totally natural. Sweet and tasty. The magic of the sea shines through and through...

Clams come in several different varieties. The lager hard-shell clams, or quahogs are used for chowder. Some of these shells were made into beads by the local Indians. This was called wampum and was used as money. Generally, the quahog is what is used as a topping for pizza.

Smaller hard-shell clams are known as cherrystones or little necks. These clams can be eaten right out of the shell raw with a little lemon or cocktail sauce. My brothers and I have spent countless hours with clam rakes harvesting this tasty fruit of the sea.

(We always get our clam permits first. Always...We did not want to get in any trouble with the Clam Commissioner!)

Steamers can be served with a bowl of clam broth and melted butter. You pull off the covering of the clam's foot, wash the clam in some broth and then dip in melted butter.

How to Steam Clams
Fill a large pot with 2-3 inches of water
Put in 1 onion, 1 carrot, 1 celery stalk.
Place 3 to 5 lbs of clams (steamers)
Boil for 5 minutes until clams open.
*(Do not over cook)

Reserve the liquid for clam broth and dipping steam clams in when done.

*Note: Only use fresh clams.

For the below video, we made steamers! They tasted great!

The clams used in this video came from clam beds located in Connecticut. The exact location will remain a secret.

If you ever get the opportunity to visit Connecticut, the seafood is a must.

clams on forever,

Albert Grande
The Clam Promoter

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Margaret Murphy Tripp said...

I love clams...and am also in Connecticut, hehehe....On the shoreline, too. Grew up next door to a lobsterman and used to harvest and shuck scallops with my Dad. Great post. Everyone should know how to steam clams!