Wednesday, February 02, 2011

On Top of Pepperoni


The New York Times featured a great article about pepperoni. Say what you want about pepperoni, it has long been the number one topping for pizza in the U.S. Read the entire article, at this New York Times link.

Reporter Julia Moskin reveals some things I never realized about pepperoni.
For example:
  • pepperoni is a total American invention. While dried sausage such as sopressa is real Italian, pepperoni is not. (Are you kidding me Julia? Totally American?)
  • Hormel, the biggest producer of pepperoni and has sold much in preparation for Super Bowl. (As a mater of fact: Super Bowl is one of the top pizza days, ever, according to USA Today.)
  • There is no agreement among experts about pepperoni on pizza: should the pepperoni lay flat on the pizza or should it curl.
Pepperoni has almost taken on cult like status with some of the finest "cure-masters" who work long hous in trying to supply the best pepperoni possible.

A number of new Artisan pizzerias refuse to use pepperoni and claim it is not authentic.

 However you slice it, pepperoni has wormed its way into American culture as being the number 1 pizza topping ever.

This was a great story. Pepperoni is still on top of my pizza.

Albert Grande
The Pepperoni Promoter

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