Thursday, February 17, 2011

Un'Americana In Italia, Part 2, by Sky Dylan Robbins

Here is the second installment of Un'Americana In Italia.

Sky explains that Italy gave the world the very first chocolate bar.In the 1616th Century, she explains, all of the chocolate was imported from Spain. The chocolate was used for drinking.

However the Italians invented a machine that was able to turn chocolate from a liquid to a solid chocolate bar.

"Chocolate is the joy of life!"

Not any chocolate, mind you: dark chocolate.

Sky then takes us on an incredible cheese adventure.

Enjoy this Un'Americana In Italia, Part 2

I love listening to Sky speak in Italian.

The words just seem to flow. The fact this film is totally narrarated in Italian adds much to the experience.

Here is a link where you can listen to (and download, if you wish) an interview I did with Sky.

Sky Dylan Robbins Interview by Albert Grande of Pizza Therapy

Sky takes you inside the underground secrets of how various food is produced. She also reveals the passions of those who create these amazing foods.

Food for Sky is magical. She celebrates the creation of food. She celebrates the consumption of food. Eating and sharing food together is an event that deserves to be celebrated.

Get some Italian chocolate, here:

pizza on earth,
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