Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Lovin' that Pizza Pie by Norman Fox and the Rob Roys: Pizza Doo Wop

All right the real name of the song is: Pizza Pie.

And you can groove to it down below. It's a classic!

This song comes out of the Doo Wop era of American Music. Somehow it has been buried and lost in time.

Here is the story from the Norm Fox and the Rob Roys website:

"One of the earliest interracial quintets, Norman Fox & The Rob-Roys were also one of the most underrated and overlooked groups ever to cut a 45. With his distinctive lead voice, Norman Fox (16) of the Bronx hooked up with DeWitt Clinton High School friends Robert Thierer (17, baritone), Marshall "Buzzy" Helfand (17, bass), Bob Trotman (16, first tenor) and Andre Lilly (16, second tenor) in 1956 to form a dynamic vocal mix with their Jewish/black coalition (Trotman and Lilly were originally members of the Harmonaires on Holiday.)

They practiced in the school's bathroom, at Norman's house on Henry Hudson Parkway, and at Robert's Knolls Crescent address, sharpening their sound on songs like THE HEARTBEATS' "Rockin' and Rollin'" and their own "Tell Me Why".

Listen to "Pizza Pie" right, here:

So the truth of the matter is this band had their start and their heart in New York, home of of some of the best pizza in the world.

The song Pizza Pie, came out in 1959. It was recorded for Capitol records and upon it's release it was an instant sensation. Unfortunately, there was a contract dispute and Capitol pulled the single. Even after the dispute was settled, Capitol records refused to re-issue it.

You can read the entire story at the Norman Fox and Rob Roys official website.

It's kind of a sad story. A great band. A great song. Great timing... and a contract dispute.

This tune has immense historic value. Remember the year is 1959. Pizza was called Pizza Pie, not pizza.

And all this time, I thought Pizza Pie was a New Jersey thing. Hmmm.

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P.S. Remember: It's Pizza Pie!

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