Sunday, March 06, 2011

Penn and Teller's Favorite Pizza

Whenever I meet someone new, I always like to talk about pizza. Now I don't force the conversation on them. I like to let the conversation flow.

But if I have any control of it, I love to start discussing pizza. What kind of pizza they like. Their favorite pizza place. You get the idea. Hey it's what I do...

It doesn't really matter who I meet, the subject will always come up.
So when the opportunity came up to ask Penn and Teller what their favorite kind of pizza was. I jumped on it. I was able to ask both of them. And Teller talked. Really.

I have been a huge fan of Penn and Teller for more years than I can remember. I had a chance to see them a number of years ago, but I blew it...but that's another story.

Let me explain what happened in Las Vegas.

We happend to see their show at the Penn and Teller Theater at the Rio. They were, as expected incredible. They are funny, witty, magical. With a peppery dose of irony and lots of fun. They show lots of this in their television show: Penn and Teller Bullsh*t: Seasons 1-7

Albert with Teller
The show moved fast with a series of very quick bits. Penn explained they like to mix things up. They don't do the same show every night. They did lots sleight of hand, illusions, and mind tricks.

They involved the audience every step of the way. They invited a number of people to be part of the show. They use lots of humor in their magic. In a way they are an acquired taste. You either love them or you hate them.

I happen to like everything that they do. The show moved along very qucikly with lots of twists and turns. All to soon it was over.

They took their bows and they were gone...Or so we thought. At the end of every show they do a meet and greet with the audience.  They like to thank everyone for attending their show...

Great, I thought! I had to ask them about pizza.

I moved up to Teller and asked him what his favorite pizza was. Someone in back of me shouted: "What a weird question!"....

"Yeah, yeah...I know, I'm weird...very weird...I like to talk about pizza."

Teller's favorite pizza? "Hawaiian." he said softly. Hmmm Hawaiian? Yup.                                                                          

Next I went up to Penn. His favorite?

 "Anchovy" he explained. "Sometimes pepperoni. I like to keep my pizza real."

Yeah, I'm not surprised. 

Thanks, Penn. Thanks Teller. You were both great!

 And the next time your in Hawaii, I'd be happy to make a Hawaiian, Anchovy, Pepperoni, pizza for you. Or I could make all three. Just give me a couple of days notice. Aloha!

Albert with Penn
pizza all over Penn and Teller!

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Penn and Teller Bullsh*t: Seasons 1-7
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Josh said...

That's Cool I enjoy Penn and Teller's acts I have only got to see them on TV but it would be fun to see them live and meet them. I enjoy a good pepperoni pizza but cant stand Anchovies. :P Hawaiian is ok as long as I get to pick off the pineapple.

Josh said...

Thats cool I enjoy Penn and Teller's acts I have only got to see them on TV but I would love to see them in person and meet them. I remember first seeing them on Babylon 5.

pizzatherapy said...

Thanks, Josh. They were great in person and if you ever get to see them I highly recommend their show.
pizza and Penn and Teller,

The Pizza Promoter
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