Sunday, April 10, 2011

Enzo Coccio Discusses Pizzaria La Notizia

Enzo Coccio recently interviewed by Albert Grande at the Pizza Expo in Las Vegas.

Enzo is a pizza master who is very willing to share his pizza secrets.

From Enzo's Website:

"Pizzeria, synonymous with home, place of the soul. Where Enzo finds himself. Where he lives there and its history. Where to apply ancient techniques and traditions.

Where food of "Campania Felix" have their seals with their flavors, aromas and colors. Where employees are familiar. Where the pizza shop becomes of ideas and experimentation. Where love for their work is identified with the pleasure of cooking for others.

Where guests are accommodated at friends house and share the beauty of being together and eat. Where the food is prepared becomes the tool that allows us to know each other a bit and get to know 'more, day after day. Identity, Unity, Pleasure. The News: This is the "Where" Enzo Coccia ..

Via Caravaggio 53/55
80126 Naples

Tel +39 081 7142155

Pizzaaria La Notizia
Vis Michelangelo da Catavaggio 94/A Napoli
tel. 081 19531937  mail:

Here is another video of Enzo discussinig how to make pizza.

While this video is done entirely in Italian, you will feel the spirit of a true pizza master.

If anyone can translate the Italian, please post the translation in the comments. Below...thanks)

Thanks, Enzo! You are a true pizza master.

pizza on earth,

albert grande
The Pizza Promoter
Substitute Clerk for
The Pizza Therapy Digital Cooking Store

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