Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Best Pizza in Boulder, Colorado

Rick, Director of The Pizza Therapy Western Region Alliance, reveals an incredible pizza made in his hometown of Boulder Colorado...

He reports:

"So, I wanted to try this pie again before I emailed you. The name: Pizzeria da Lupo.
Website: Pizzeria da Lupo.
Address: 2525 Arapahoe Ave. Boulder,Colorado.

I was hoping to speak with Rob, who I mentioned to you the other day, but he was not working. I thought he was an owner, I guess not. The place was really busy last night and I did not see an owner there.

Impressive since they've been open just a couple of months. I had a business card of yours and a print out of a couple pages of Pizza Therapy to pass on to Rob. I'm going to see him on Wednesday as he works then.

THE PIE - Fabulous! I compare it to Pepe's because for me, it is the best! And they have a Pepe's pizza box mounted on the wall.

Wood fired oven. The pie dough / crust is exceptional and much like the Pepe's , though different. You want to eat the whole slice, that is, you don't put the crust back on the plate. Why would anyone do that!

Pepe's still reigns! I will say, in my 35+ years in Colorado this is the best I've had! The toppings are flavorfull and subtle. 12" round pies.

I've had the "Saliche" twice. A white pie with ricotta, house made mozzarella, rapini and sausage. The "Margherita" is a red pie with tomato (eaten twice), mozzarella, and basil.

I love a simple pie , and this one hits the spot! If you're in Boulder and you are going to eat, this is the place! And reasonable! This place is worthy of your pizza website! Food critics, I'm told, are giving this place great marks! Pretty good given I live in the west."

Pizzeria da Lupo
2525 Arapahoe Avenue
Boulder, Colorado


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RTC Construction, Boulder, Colorado

Thanks for your great review, Rick.

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