Sunday, May 22, 2011

How to Make Mini Pizzas from the Little Chef

The Little Chef, Kamalei, reveals all of her secrets for making pizza.

One of the World's Youngest Pizza Masters, she has been making pizza since before she could talk. As a matter of fact she has been playing with dough and flour since her sandbox days.

Her technique is New World Pizza Cusine including a Post-Punk Tween Tinged influence. This is pizza for the new millenium.

She has developed her own unique style of pizza creation that has not been duplicated anywhere.

While her creativity has blossomed she has also matured over the years.

In the following video she is explains how she creates mini-pizzas. There are subtle nuances in her original style of pizza making.

The Little Chef has become an integral and vital part of the Pizza Therapy family. As she explained in the video, she learned about pizza from her dad!

Her favorite Pizza Resource? The Pizza Therapy Pizza Book.
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