Sunday, June 26, 2011

Pizza At the New York World's Fair by Mastro Pizza: The Pizza King

This video is a great historical slide show of pizza at the New York world's Fair 1964-1965.

The opening lines in the video state this exhibit: "This is a pavillion of pleasure..."

As you watch this video slide show you will hear a "beep" as each new slide is presented. This sound is what triggered the movement of the next slide. It is kind of irritating but necessary.

But for the history of pizza this is a priceless show. This gives the history of pizza as seen through the eyes of:
"The Pizza King: Mastro Pizza".

During the New York world's Fair, pizza was not known as widely as it is now.

Sure it was in New York, New Haven, Providence, Chicago, San Francisco, and other big cities with an Italian population. And that's where pizza stayed for a long time... Pizza was certainly not mainstream.

This is a great video:

THE Pizza King! MASTRO PIZZA '64-'65 NY Worlds Fair Video

Frank (Mastro) Ferrentino, MD
adds a description of this video;
"This is a video I created from the 1964-65 NY Worlds Fair. Those who attended the fair will remember the Mastro Pizza Pavilion with the automated slide & sound projector that told the story of my Uncle Vincent and Grandfather Frank Mastro and how they were the precursors of what Pizza now means in our Culture today.

My Grandma Mastro had the original "Big Brown Box" in her home. I fixed it, and eventually was able to convert it to video tape, then digitize it. My Grandfather invented the gas fired Pizza Oven.

My Uncle Vincent developed the First Pizza Franchise long before Pizza Hut, (Pizza Plaza) but died an untimely death at 33 in 1965.

My Grandfather died at 58. They have left behind a legacy that should never be forgotten; Frank Mastro was the original Pizza King & his Son Vincent furthered his fathers Dreams. Don't believe stories of those who claim credit for their accomplishments."

Here are some other World's Fair memorabilia you may enjoy:

For a taste of New York pizza today, check out this interview with Roberto Caporuscio at Keste Pizzeria by Pizza Therapy

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pizzatherapy said...

John Arena of Metro Pizza, adds the following:

"My family got started in the pizza business on Long Island with the help of Vincent Mastro. 50 years later we have 7 locations in Las Vegas but have never forgotten the early guidence we recieved from this generous man. This is video is a priceless slice of pizza history."