Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Real Pizza in NYC App: Discover the Best Pizza in New York

Jeff Orlick loves pizza. As he explains: "Square, regular, or by the personal size, I love them all".

To show his ultimate affection for America's favorite food, he created the ultimate pizza app. It's called  "Real Pizza in NYC".  And it is an amazing refernce guide for anyone who ever searched for great pizza in The City.

Not only does Orlick list dozens of great pizzerias, in New York, he also references them with categories and cross categories. For example you can search pizza by the borough (location), oven,  style, tour, Godfather's of pizza and Unique New York. You can also highlight your own personal favorites and save them in your own category.

The reviews are biased (of course) but all inclusive. No pizza box is left unopened. He covers Antonio's, Armando's, Keste', Deninio's Gennaro's and Lombardi's. Find Joe and Pat's, John's of Bleeker Street, Totonno's, Nick's Pizza, Paulie Gee's, Sacco Pizza, and Yolanda's. They are all here. With many, many more.
This is the absolute best pizza app I have ever seen. This app is not the best at what it does, it is the only one that does it all for pizza in New York.

He also encourages feedback and user comments. The reviews he has included are extraordinary. Orlick  has created his own micro pizza community. Most importantly this app is just plain fun. Fun to read and fun to browse.

The best part is the map feature. The app highlights your location and the directions and distance to your chosen pizza restaurant. This feature alone is worth far more than the very inexpensive price. You don't even need to be in New York for the map feature to work. You can be anywhere and Real Pizza in NYC  will calculate your distance.

If you have an I-phone or Itouch, this is an essential app for any pizza lover. I was able to test drive this incredible application myself and found it to be invaluable in my search for pizza perfection. Invaluable and indespensible.

Simply outstanding.

You can find this app on Itunes. To claim your own copy check out:  Top paid apps on the App Store of for free apps: visit the Top free apps on the App Store

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