Friday, August 05, 2011

How Scott's Pizza Tour Started by Pizza Therapy

Scott Weiner is a pizza fanatic.

He loves his pizza so much, he diecided to turn pizza into a business. Now he offers pizza tours:

According to his website:

The best way to enjoy New York is by walking its streets, but the only way to taste New York is by eating its pizza. You can do both with a NYC Pizza Walk!

By 1900, several "Little Italies" spotted New York's five boroughs but the most famous remains in Manhattan's Lower East Side. It was here that new citizens would settle, as it was the first bit of land many would touch after a long immigration process at Ellis Island. The streets once overflowed with peddlers and fruit carts as the tenement buildings teemed with the disillusioned, transplanted from home and in search of a better life. It was here that a peasants' meal called "pizza" made its debut in America.

The NYC Pizza Walk focuses on pizza from a historical perspective. We'll start at America's oldest pizzeria and continue to follow pizza's rise to ubiquity block by block. Talking about pizza makes me hungry, so we'll have slices at three of New York's most significant pizzerias in Little Italy and Greenwich Village.

Here during one of his tours, he explains what to expect when you go on the tour. He also describes how he got started n the pizza tour business.

Carry on, Scott!

pizza all all over New York,

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