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Ms. Pizza Boston Pizza Picks

Ms. Pizza shares the following:

This list is still a Work in Progress (but, any pizza list is a work in progress, right?) I noticed that you have some reviews for Upper Crust and Ernesto’s, but Bostone, Marhino’s and Angelina’s are NOT on your list of Best Pizza in Massachusetts

(State Motto: "By the sword we seek pizza, but pizza only under liberty".)

-Ms. Pizza

Upper Crust – Boston, MA

Upper Crust Pizza, which is a local and growing chain of about 20 pizza shops, serves up gourmet thin crust pizza in Boston and in surrounding neighborhoods. Diners can expect a consistent pizza from one shop to the next. The pizzas are thin, and the toppings are all fresh. I enjoy this chain because it is NOT AT ALL a greasy bite, and has the right balance of cheese and sauce. Oftentimes I find that pizza joints load the pizza with cheese, which overpowers the crust, sauce, and other toppings. Upper Crust is careful to cover each pizza perfectly and should ABSOLUTELY be checked out if you are in the Boston area.

20 Charles Street, Boston
(617) 723-9600

Bostone Pizza – Boston, MA

Amidst all of the many pizza joints in the city, Bostone Pizza gets a little lost in the shuffle. This is unfortunate because this Newbury Street pizza shop produces a delicious Sicilian slice. Strolling up the famous Newbury Street can be hard work. Reward yourself with a slice of fresh, Sicilian style pizza from Bostone.

225 Newbury Street
Boston, MA 02116
(617) 536-9451

Ernesto’s Pizza – North End, Boston, MA

Ernesto’s is truly a hidden gem in every sense of the word. It can be difficult to find by tourists, who are often directed towards the famous Pizzeria Regina’s just a few blocks away. My recommendation to anyone in the North End seeking out a good slice: grab one from both restaurants. , I can PROMISE that although you can’t go wrong with Regina’s, Ernesto’s is the better pizza. Don’t let the small store front fool you. What Ernesto’s lacks in vibrant d├ęcor or street appeal it absolutely makes up for in taste.

69 Salem Street, Boston

Santarpio’s – East Boston/Peabody, MA

Want a hall of fame pizza? Check out Santarpio’s in either East Boston or the newer location in Peabody, MA. This family owned pizza shop has been around since 1903 and therefore has over 100 years of practice making the perfect pizza. Stylistically, you can expect a NY style pizza, array of toppings, and consistency from one visit to the next. And yes, it IS a hall of fame pizza (and was officially inducted into Boston’s hall of fame).

East Boston Location
111 Chelsea Street
East Boston, MA 02128
617 - 567-9871

Peabody Location
71 Newbury St (Route 1)
Peabody, MA 01960

Marinho’s Pizzeria – Millis, MA
984 Main Street, Millis, MA 02054

Marinho’s Pizzeria, situated conveniently on Main Street in Millis, MA is the unsung hero of suburban pizza joints. The pizza is thin, it is large, and it is more than satisfying. The owner is often there making each pizza himself, although his staff is more than capable of keeping the pizzas coming! His shop is worthy of a downtown real estate plot based on how consistently delicious it is. If you’re feeling hungry, feeding a soccer team, or plan on huddling up in your house for three days during a blizzard, go for jumbo size. No regrets.

Angelina’s Pizzeria – Braintree, MA

Braintree is not far from Boston. Because of this, residents may feel inclined to hop in their cars or board the beloved ‘T’ to head into town for dinner. Although a night out in the big city is fun every once and again, NOTHING beats a cozy night at home with a glass (or two) of vino and the PERFECT PIZZA. I cannot stress enough that Angelina’s Pizzeria on Elm Street in Braintree delivers (in terms of the pizza itself and also by car)!

You can expect a thin crust pie with fresh ingredients and, most importantly, a delectable crust. As any good pizza lover knows, the crust is the most important and I can say with confidence that Angelina’s has figured out their crust. Its thin, its light, its airy, and it soaks up the sauce, cheese and flavors better than any surrounding pizza restaurant or shop. Don’t wait! Run over to Angelina’s today!

419 Elm Street
Braintree, MA 02184

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