Monday, December 12, 2011

Modern Apizza, Pepe's, and Sally's Apizza: Blind Taste Test

The Reddecliffs report exclusively for Pizza Therapy:

I grew up in New Haven, (Connecticut) and thought that the whole world hade pizza like we did.

When I moved away, I was shocked that no one could come close!

 I went home to New Haven for this Thanksgiving.

My husband and I decided that in order to finally figure out who had the best pizza, Sally's, Pepe's or Modern, we just needed to have them all side by side.

Modern Clam Pizza

                                                               Pepe's Clam Pizza

Sally's Apizza

 Well, the stars aligned and we were able to get 2 mozzarella pizzas from all three restaurants.

We had a blind taste test with 8 participants, and in a unanimous decision, Sally's won!

 I was shocked because I have always been a Pepe's lover. Modern came in second, with Pepe's a close third.
It is good to know that there are other pizza obsessed people on the planet...I am not alone!

Drewman says: "Going to Wooster St. in New Haven is one of the best experiences you will ever have. Whether you eat at Sally's or Pepe's, this is the greatest pizza on earth. Why else would thousands wait in line for hours, year after year? Try and get there in the early afternoon if you can.

 It's good to experiment with different pies: Pepe's white clam, fresh grated Parmesan, special (everything) are excellent starters. Sally's makes a pie with sliced fresh tomatoes and garlic that is wonderful.
It is also customary to go to Libby's Pastry Shop (next to Pepe's) for gelato and Italian ice after you have eaten pizza. Would highly recommend the eating experience on Wooster St. in New Haven to anyone. Rivals any place in the world."

Anne and Ron explain: "Think of the best Italian restaurant you can, with the highest quality marinara sauce; now put that sauce on brick baked dough that's like no other dough you've ever tasted and you've got only a semblance of what Sally's pizza is like. In fact, the crust is like none other you've ever eaten; it's a scrumptious, delicious meal in itself."

Peter Reinhart has some incredible Sally's Apizza adventures in American Pie: My Search for the Perfect pizza


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