Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Grilling Pizza: Three Methods

Grilling pizza can be done anytime. Don't limit your pizza grilling to just summer time activities. You can cook pizza on the grill any time of the year!

There are three ways to grill pizza, the Direct Heat Method, the Indirect Heat Method and the Pizza Stone Method! I have used all three methods and each will produce excellent pizza! Choose the method that best suits your own taste and pizza style. Because I like to make very thin pizza, I prefer the Direct Heat Method, but again that is just my preference.

To make pizza using the Direct Heat Method, build a charcoal fire and evenly spread out the coals. Roll out the dough thinly (or use your fingers). After the pizza is formed, slide the dough right on the grill using a pizza peel that has corn meal spread on it. You can coat both sides of the pizza with olive oil if you wish, but this is not necessary. Don't worry, the dough won't stick if you loosen it with a spatula. Check for doneness frequently. It will cook in minutes. The dough may start to bubble at this point. "Pop" the bubbles with a fork or the edge of the spatula.

Don't be alarmed at grill marks on the dough, but do not over cook! The dough should be firm, just starting to turn color. Once one side of the dough is cooked, flip it over cooked side up. Take the pizza off the grill, to your prep table. Lightly coat the cooked side with olive oil and put on your preferred toppings. Using a peel coated with cornmeal and return the pizza to the grill. When the dough starts to turn color, slide a pizza pan (or cookie sheet) under the pizza to prevent the dough from burning. Replace the cover of the grill and check for doneness every couple of minutes. When the toppings are cooked, your pizza is ready. Carefully remove the pizza from the grill! I just slide the peel underneath the pizza pan and then transfer the pizza to a cooled pizza pan.

With the Indirect Heat Method, you place your coals to one side of the grill. This method is the most popular and the one I have seen used by several chefs. You can also place your coals on two sides of the grill leaving a bare spot in the middle of your grill. The notion here is that with hot and cool sides to your grill, you can have greater control over cooking your pizza! This method is preferred if your pizza has a thick crust. You don't want to burn the outside of the crust, before the middle has had a chance to cook. If your pizza crust does start to burn, just slide the pizza over to the side off the coals.

The Pizza Stone Method is accomplished by placing your pizza stone on top of the grill. Build the fire and let the stone heat up for at least an hour. Cook your pizza just as you would in your oven. With this method, you do not have to precook one side of the pizza. If your stone is hot enough and your grill is covered, your pizza will cook. You essentially have created your own "brick" oven, right on the grill!

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