Sunday, February 12, 2012

How Frank Pepe Started in the Pizza Business

Frank Pepe's opened in 1925. Frank Pepe's Pizzeria Napoletana has been making pizza on Wooster Street in New Haven, ever since.

Frank did not originally start out making pizza. He was a bread baker by trade. The pizza was actually an afterthought.

Who in their right mind would pay for pizza?

Lots of loyal pizza fans, that's who. Here are some of the comments, I have recived about Pepe's:

"I've eaten apizza from coast to coast and in Italy and have found none better. Though living in PA for the past 30 years several trips a year to Wooster Street each summer are traditional. The crust can't be beaten. I am a loyal fan!"

"Tastes better now than when I was a child in the 50's and 60's...I ate so much Pepe's pizza that I had no room to burp. It was almost disgusting....When I was a child, Sal was my waiter and I will never forget Sal, Pepe's or that great pizza!"

"Pepe's is the family once traveled 2 hours from upstate NY to New Haven to wait in line for another 2 hours and eat Pepe''s THAT GOOD. And it is the home of pizza in the USA."

"Pepe's is the best hands down!!! I've eaten pizza in New York, Chicago, Italy, all the places that supposedly have "great" pizza. Well none of these places compare with New Haven, Connecticut. And in New Haven, nothing compares with Pepe's. Everything is perfect, thin crunchy crust, excellent sauce, just the right amount of cheese, everything in balance the way pizza should be."

Frank Pepe actually starte selling pizza from the top of his head.

Gary Bimonte, Franks Grandson states where the Spot is today, is the original location of Pepe's. He also explains in the following interview this was the original location of the bakery that would eventually turn into Pepe's: 

pizza all over Pepe's, good will to all!
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Here's what Pepe's Fans Say About Frank Pepe's Pizza

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