Sunday, November 04, 2012

Mark's Excellent Venice Pizza Adventure

Mark just returned from Venice. His personal quest was to find the very best pizza that city had to offer.

He found incredible pizza at Rossopomodoro.

The pizzaioloi were originally from Naples, the home of pizza. The owners contend they have breathed and lived Neapolitan food all of their lives. They also explain this is the reason their pizza is truly authentic Neapolitan pizza.

The pizza is made in traditional wood burning ovens. The pizza ingredients are from the area surrounding Naples.

The pizza makers are from Naples and have studied pizza making in the Neapolitan style in Naples.

The pizza has character and has it's own distinctive personality.

You will find an authentic slice of Naples, right in Venice at:  Rossopomodoro.

Thanks for sharing your pizza adventure, Mark.

This was truly a memorable pizza quest!

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