Tuesday, March 26, 2013

International Pizza Expo 2013, Day 2

The International Pizza Expo, held in Las Vegas every year, is the ultimate gathering of all things pizza related, at one time in one place. You will find, pizza ovens, pizza flours, pizza tools, pizza condiments, pizza services, both hardware and software. Included in the mix you will meet the Service Reps for all of these pizza support businesses.

There is pizza competition. and pizza discussion. The competition is on-going. This year it was divided up into several different categories. The biggest competition, the pizza tossing was held on Wednesday evening. This is a wonderful high-light to the Pizza Expo.

The wonderful thing abut this gathering are all of the interesting pizza personalities you will meet. There are pizza masters of all types. I was fortunate to have been able to discuss pizza with a wide range of pizza professionals. While the everyday pizza fanatic would certainly enjoy the Pizza Expo, the whole point of the show is for pizza pros to schmooze with each other making connections and contacts.

If the course of the 3 days I was able to discuss pizza with many of the presenters and pizza support people. I tried to not get in the way and attempted to blend in as much as possible. I wanted to feature their mission and support their pizza passion. One of the more interesting booths was the Caputo Flour Booth. They showcased: Antimo Caputo "00" Flour.  

 In all of the pizza promotions and discussions I was involved in, I only got in trouble just once... But that's for another post and another time. Here are some highlights of The Las Vegas Pizza Expo, Day 2.

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