Sunday, May 19, 2013

Adam Kuban Visits with Don Antonio Starita and Roberto Carporuscio

If you love pizza, you have to love Adam Kuban. Well maybe not love him, but at least admire his passion for New York Pizza.

Kuban has done it done it again in this amazing pizza story featuring some of the more amazing New York pizzaioli.

This is an incredible video story by Adam Kuban.

 He gets into the heart of the matter of pizza in his conversation with Don Antonio Starita. He pulls back the onion layers to discover the true heart of pizza. You will find many different types of pizza including a deep fried pizza.

 The dough is placed in a fryer and then finished off in a wood fired oven. Simply incredible! Travel with Slice founder Adam Kuban as he checks out the gloriously fried Montanara pizza and other edibles from Don Antonio, NYC's newest Neapolitan pizzeria by Roberto Caporuscio (Keste) and Antonio Starita (Naples' Pizzeria )

As usual Kuban delivers an amazing tale with memorable tastes...

Thank you my pizza friend!


Adam Kuban said...

Thanks for the mention here and for blogging this, Albert. I know PT only features top-quality pizza info, so anytime you link to something I've done it's an honor.

And, hey, what's not to love?!?

Albert Grande said...

The truth of the pizza is you have done much to share your passion and love of pizza.

For that I salute you my friend.

One of these day we will share a pie!

Keep on doing what you do! OK we love it!