Sunday, May 05, 2013

PIzza Art from Domenico Crolla

Domenico is a Master Pizzaiolo as well as a master artist. He creates incredible food in his kitchen, Bella Naopli in Glasgow. But he also creates amazing art!

To look at them the obvious solution would be to use Adobe Photoshop & Premiere Elements 11. But no! I asked him how he created these images and he explained they well all done free hand. Totally free hand.

Form his website:
This charismatic Scots-born Italian is the man behind Bella Napoli.
But there is far much more to this man than an award-winning restaurant.
He oozes so much personality, and such a passion for Italian cuisine, that it is hard to believe no talent scouts have snapped him up to host his own TV show, yet

But to Glasgow, and indeed Scotland, Domenico is very much the Celebrity Chef - and we should be proud that we have beaten Italy in having him call our country his home.

You can more about the amzing life of Domenico, Here at his personal website: Domenico Crolla.

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