Sunday, July 07, 2013

Apizza Adventure

Pizza Expert Mark Esposito shares the following:

"What do you do on a hot dog day Sunday? Well if you are hanging with Albert, Charly, Kamalei Grande of pizzatherapy .com it means let’s eat pizza. On this day the plan was to hit the one and only Pepe’s Apizza in New Haven, Connecticut.
So into the comfortable air conditioned Jeep we go. As we are cruising down I-95 Charly says,:
“Why don’t we make this an adventure.” I said, whadaya mean? She says, “Let’s hit Zuppardi’s in West Haven.”
 I had seen pictures of Zuppardi’s Apizza that Al had taken last week while on another pizza adventure. I didn’t have to think twice about it and said “Sure I’m up for that.”, as was everyone else. So off we went hungrily rolling down the highway on our Pizza Adventure.
Down the highway and onto the neighborhood streets of West Haven and with the miracle of GPS turn by turn navigating we make it to Zuppardi’s. This place is a wonderful family owned and run place. Bridgette the lovely expecting daughter of Laura the owner was folding pizza boxes and was happy to answer all my questions about the origins of Zuppardi’s.
Zuppardi's Sausage

We ordered a Sausage Apizza. They make the sausage right there fresh every Tuesday. Let me tell you this sausage pie is out of sight delicious. The whole pie was wonderfully understated and all the ingredients from the crispy thing crust, the sweet and simple tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese to the incredibly tasty sweet Italian sausage blended together as Kamalei tasted like “a little bit of heaven.”
 In my opinion, hands down this was the best Sausage Apizza I have ever eaten.  
So now I pipe in “how about we hit Modern Apizza on the way over to Pepe’s.” No problem with this crew. Next stop Modern Apizza. The place had changed décor since I was last there a few years ago. I liked the comfortable booth with a view of the pizza oven, a brick oil fired oven. We were waited on by Adam a 17 year veteran at Apizza.
We ordered an eggplant pie. Now eggplant is a very mild vegetable and sometimes gets lost in the other pizza ingredients but not here at Modern Apizza.
Eggplant pizza at Modern Apizza
 It was lightly breaded and delicately seasoned and the delightful eggplant taste stayed true with every bite. Charly had never had an eggplant apizza and she had a great first time eggplant pizza adventure.

Now it is off to Wooster Street and Pepe’s Apizza. I must admit I was full at this point but we ordered bacon and a pepperoni pie to go for later.
Italian Pastry at Libby's
 We did have room for desert so we headed just a little way further down Wooster to Libby’s Italian Pastry Bakery for an Italian ice and Sfogliatelle. Great way to end our Apizza adventure! Nothing better than good friends, good food and good times, thanks Grandes."
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