Friday, October 11, 2013

Pizza Hydration Secrets Revealed from Tim Huff

Tim Huff knows his pizza flour. As a Master Baker and Educator for General Mills, he teaches a Pizza Crust Boot Camp. This is put on for free for all of the professional pizza makers. He shows pizza makers how to get the best out of their flour.

I had an opportunity to talk dough with Tim and he revealed the biggest pizza dough hydration secret I had ever heard.

He explains many pizza makers make the a huge mistake in trying to mix water, dry ingredients and oil at the same time. If you do use oil in your dough recipe, make sure you mix the dry ingredients and water first.  allow the dough enough time to hydrate for about a minute or so. Then add your oil to the pizza dough.

Oil and water do not mix. The oil will compete with the water to hydrate the dough and you will get a very inconsistent dough. The secret is  to allow the water to hydrate the dough before you put in the oil.

Here is a video that explains everything:

Honestly when I make my dough, I do not use oil. however this is just a great tip and bit of advice for everyone who makes pizza.

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