Friday, November 29, 2013

Video Review of The Mighty Pizza Oven

Make pizza on your gas grill with the Mighty Pizza Oven. This device created some of the best pizza I ever made.

The notion behind the MPO is that you cook your pizza from the bottom and the top at the same time. The MPO uses 3 ways to cook pizza. the pizza cooks with uses convection, to cook pizza. That is the super hot air around the pizza cooks it.

 It uses reflection, as the tops stone cooks your pizza from the top. Finally the Mighty Pizza Oven. uses conduction. Your pizza is cooked on the bottom from the heat of the bottom stone. This is a great method to created a well cooked crust. Simply outstanding!

Here's what how the pizza turned out last time I made pizza:


You can make the best pizza you ever made, here: Mighty Pizza Oven will let you bake pro-quality pizzas in 2-5 minutes on your backyard grill!

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