Thursday, February 27, 2014

From A Hawaii Pizza Dream to a Central Virginia Pizza Dream....

Meet Sharlene...she has a pizza dream. She wants to spread the passion of pizza. I met Sharlene and her husband at Pizza Expo. They were both personable and friendly. They shared their dream of making pizza. They displayed heart. They showed their passion.

Sharlene explained to me she was a professional photographer.  This was her day job. She got paid to take pictures. "Nice job", I thought. He husband was a techie. He designed and created software.

They explained the dream was to move to Hawaii and open a pizzeria. They said they were moving to Maui..

Hawaii can always use another great pizza place. But why am I always meeting people who are moving to Maui? (BTW: If you are coming to Maui, click HERE)

 (I tried to explain, that if they were coming to Hawaii, I had great resources, for them. Unfortunately, they already had all the answers...they had no questions. All the answers! Hmm I thought...)

I tried to tell them about the Best Book to Read if you are Moving to Hawaii. I wanted to them to know: Moving To Hawaii: A Step-By-Step Guide is the best resource for know-how you need to plan and execute your move to Hawaii. There are tons of tips, and links to online resources. You got to get this, I attempted to share with them...

Never the less I was very excited for them. I even made a mental note of checking them out when their pizzeria finally opened. While you can find good pizza in Hawaii, to find really great pizza, you have to search for it.

Turns out Sharlene and her husband are not moving to Hawaii, to open their pizzeria. I don't blame them. Moving and opening a business in Hawaii takes a lot of commitment, and a lot of capital. But the goal of opening a pizzeria has not changed...

The decided to move the pizza operation to Central Virginia. Having been to Virginia a number of times (I actually lived and worked in South Western Virginia a number of years ago), I can attest to the need of a great pizzeria!

So the dream has changed a bit..from Hawaii , to Virginia. But the goal to create wonderful pizza has not changed. Pizza Therapy  supports the mission.

We know Sharlene and her husband will be opening their own pizzeria in a short time. The dream continues!

Sharlene has a dream to spread the  word and tastes about pizza! And we know her dream will become a reality!

Here is her story:
When I had my first taste of Neapolitan pizza, I fell in love with its simplicity. The lightly charred crust was soft with a smoky flavor while the tenderness held together the sweet mozzarella and fresh tomatoes. This incredible experience has given me the desire to learn and share it with everyone. 
Since involving myself in the process of making a pizza of Naples, I feel as though I am experiencing tradition, a piece of history; a process celebrated by the people of Naples. I want to share this experience with you because it is a celebration of art, culture, history and life.
This amazing video explains some of her influences and reasons for making her pizza dream a reality. Meet Giulio Adriani  one of her major influences...

We wish Sharlene all the best and know her dream will become a reality!

Don't lose the dream...hang on...stay the course... You may have to re-group, change direction a bit, learn to compromise...but you will become a success. your passion will lead the way...

The journey has just started!  I can't wait to eat one of your pizzas!

If you are coming to Hawaii, to visit or live, click here now.

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