Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Anchovies in Olive Oil: A Request from Spain

I recently received the following request from Spain.
Originally it was in Spanish, so I requested a translation.
Here is what email said:

Dear Sir/ Madam :

We are informed by the Spanish Commerce Office in London
that your company is
interested in importing fish and other foods from Spain.

Our company is established in 1962 in Colindres, north coast in Spain. Our
anchovies enjoy an excellent reputation in Spanish market, and is recipient
to numerous awards of recognition with regards the quality of our product.

We have a large factory completely adapted to EU requirements and we have
obtained the BRC Certificate. Our production capacity permits us to offer
unparalleled service to our customers in Spain, as well as in the international market.
We already export to countries such as
France, Italy, Portugal, Switzerland or Ireland. We are interested in extending
the commerce to your country.

If you are interested in importing anchovies in oil, " alla vera carne" or any of our
other specialties like crab salad, octopus "in the galician way", mussels in pliked sauce
and razor shells in brine, of best quality at best price, please do not hesitate to contact us.
We are happy to provide all the information require.

We look forward to receive word from you.

Yours faithfully,

Iñigo Velasco Ayensa
Export Deparment
Phone number: 0034-942-652121
Fax number: 0034-942-652142
e-mail: export@conservasrevuelta.com
(This is the English page link for this website, ag)

My Response:

Gracias Senor. Please give our regards to our friends in the
Spanish Commerce Office in London. Please inform the
Office Staff, the next time we are in London, perhaps we
could all meet for lunch. Everyone pays their own bill, of course.

To be honest with you Iñigo, I use 2-3 cans of anchovies
every couple of months. I do not feel I could justify importing
a large quantity of anchovies, at this time. If you want to give
me a 10 can discount, please let me know.

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