Sunday, June 22, 2014

Find the Best Pizza Flour to Make Great Pizza

There are many fine flours you can use to make great pizza. There are a few flours that I highly recommend for making pizza. But to make truly memorable pizza, know this: if you want a great pizza you need to have a great flour.

One of the best is imported from Italy, and it is: Antimo Caputo 00 Pizzeria Flour (Blue) 12 Lb Repack I have found this flour to make consistently good pizzas. You will discover many of the artisan pizza makers use Caputo Flour. And with good reason, it is extremely fine and is very easy to work with.

I have spoken to Antimo Caputo on several occasions and he explained that his flours are made with the finest grains available in Italy. He is extremely passionate about making the best flour for pizza. Each year Antimo brings together some of the best pizzaioloi (pizza masters) in the world to showcase his flour at Pizza Expo in Las Vegas. These master pizza makers demonstrate the wonderful qualities of Caputo flour with hands on modeling as to how to make great pizza.

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