Saturday, August 22, 2015

101 Best Pizza in America 2015 from The Daily Meal

This was no geographical list of pizzerias.  This wasn’t the best in each region. Each
pizzeria had to stand on its own… The criteria was simple: the best of the

And I really respected that about the voting…
What pizzerias made the cut?

I was happy to see many of my favorite pizzerias of all time
There were some obvious choices…

Una Pizzeria Napoletana as well as Tony's Pizza Napoletana both from San Francisco made the cut.
Pizzeria Bianco in Phoenix, was
there, Apizza Scholls from Portland, Metro Pizza and Pizza Rock in Las Vegas
was there.

I was totally amazed
Connecticut pizza and in particular  City
of New Haven was well represented.. such wonderful pizza places such as Pepe’s,
Roseland, Zuppardi’s, Earnie’s, and Modern Apizza all made the cut

And I’m sure you are wondering:
Did my favorite pizzeria make the list? 

Here is the Link to 101 Best Pizzas in America 2015

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