Sunday, October 11, 2015

Poke (Raw Fish) Pizza at the Pizza Corner in Ko Olina Hawaii

In this exclusive interview, Jerome, describes how he invented the Poke Pizza for the Pizza Corner at Ko Olina Resort in Hawaii. Jerome also explains how the pizza was an award winning pizza at Pizza Expo in Las Vegas.

Poke Pizza at the Pizza Corner

This is an extraordinary pizza made with Poke which is a traditional Hawaii Appetizer of Pupu. The pizza crust is cooked and then a furikake  (seaweed) seasoning is added. Once the crust is complete it is taken out of the oven and the poke is added to the pizza.

I have had this pizza a number of times. It seems at least at first glance as being counter intuitive. This type of pizza does not seem like it would work. Add the different flavors and the method it is created, and it really does work. The taste is amazing. I want one right now!

The Pizza Corner also offers traditional style New York pizza. The pizza is done well and tastes absolutely incredible. They are one of my favorite pizza spots in Hawaii.

Make sure you check out the Garlic Knots:

Garlic Knots at the Pizza Corner

You can out more about the Pizza Corner HERE.

The staff were extremity helpful and engaging. Although the location is a resort in Hawaii, the feel of the Piza corner was more of a comfortable neighborhood pizza spot. That is what Frank Mento wanted to create. And he did so.

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