Saturday, May 28, 2016

Paulie Gee, Pizza Maker Interview at Pizza Expo

 Paulie Gee says being in the Pizza Business is an actual life lesson. Paulie starts the interview explaining he is no Legend of Pizza rather he simply makes pizza.

He explains how he masqueraded as an IT profesional for 30 years. Then he decided to follow his passion of making pizza. He had always loved to cook but had a connection with pizza. He started making pizza at his house and perfected his pizza making skills.

He then invited friends, family bloggers and social influencers to sample his pizza. The pizza was a hit!

Paulie also talks about his favorite pizzas in New York. He discusses his favorite pizzas. He has helped a number of people who want to get into the pizza business.

Paulie likes to say if the Little Rascals opened a pizzeria it would be like Paulie Gee's

Visit Pauie Gee on line at:

60 Greenpoint Ave.

Brooklyn, New York

This entire video was filmed at Pizza Expo 2016 in Las Vegas.

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