Tuesday, August 08, 2017

Pietro's Pizza, Kauai, Hawaii, Best Pizza on Kauai

If you are
looking for great pizza on Kauai, you need to check out Pietro’s Pizza.
They are
located at the Harbor Mall in Lihue on 3501 Rice Street.

You can
discover a wide variety of New York style pizza as well as authentic Neapolitan
pizza cooked in an actual wood fired oven. Pietro’s is the first (and as far as
I know), only certified Neapolitan pizzeria in the entire state of Hawaii.

I recommend
the Don, which is an authentic New York style pizza.
I was
astounded at the taste of this simple cheese slice. Hey I thought I was in New
Don’t limit
yourself to just one taste as there are many other pizza asventures to choose
from: Maybe you want to sample a cousin of the Don, The Don Ho which is made
with Portuguese sausage and kalua pig.  Or maybe another relative: the Don Pietro:
straight, pepperoni which as you know is an American classic.

In my
experience a pizza place is only as good as the pizza maker or pizzaiolo who
lovingly creates the
[FB1]  pizza by hand.

Iannucci moved to Kauai in the 80’s and was distressed to find he could not get
a decent slice of his favorite food: pizza.
He went on a
pizza quest and made the commitment to learn to make great pizza. At first it
was at home in his kitchen, then he built a brick oven in his driveway. He began
by making pizza for friends, family, neighbors and anyone else who loved pizza.
  He made lots of pizzas and most
importantly he shared them.

satisfied with his skills, he traveled the world learning the craft. As Tommy
explains he visited known and unknown pizzerias. He trained in New York, Rome,
Las Vegas and even trained in Naples under pizza master Enzo Croccia. The result of his quest was to bring great pizza to
the Island of Kauai and create his own pizzeria.
Tommy named
Pietro’s Pizza after his grandfather and brother. They are both sadly gone but
their spirit and love of all things Italian and pizza lives on at Pietro’s.
Now you too,
can enjoy a little slice of New York and authentic Neapolitan pizza on the
beautiful Island of Kauai.

Check out
Pietro’s at the 
Harbor Mall in Lihue, 
3051 Rice Street. 
The phone number is
(808) 245-2266. 
Open daily 11:00 AM until 9:00 PM Monday through Saturday. Love
Life, Eat Pizza, 
Have Fun at Pietro’s Pizza.

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