Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Review: How to Plan A Pizza Tour Part 1 by Scott Wiener in Pizza Quest

This is a video review of Scott’s Weiner’s article in Peter
Reinhart’s Pizza Quest on How to Do a Pizza Crawl… Scott Wiener is a pizza
historian as well as the founder of Scott’s Pizza Tours
I have had the honor of sharing some pizzas with Scott over
the years and his advice his recommendations are pure gold.
Scott explains the every city he goes he does intel on the
pizza scene
Step 1)
Create a Pizzeria
Hit List… to determine his list Scott uses social media site face book and
Figure out where you
want to go.. You may want to limit your crawl to the top 3 or 4…
Setup 2: Check Pizzeria Details 
Check the pizzerias website for the days and times they are
Step 3: Create a
Figure out how you
are going to go to each pizzeria
Step 4: Create a Schedule
Scott explains some helpful tips on scheduling  your crawl..
5: Invite Your Pizza Buddies
magic of pizza is multiplied when you share pizza with friends and family…and
you will definitely meet some new friends along the way…

6 Execute
Scott explains to work out some of the details ahead of time as to what you
order and how many pizzas..

he explains: this is pizza so you need to have fun.

can read this incredible article at:
Reinhart’s Pizza Quest.
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or go here:

you can find out more about Scott Weiner and his incredible pizza exploits at:
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on earth, good will to all!

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