Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Cooking with PMQ: How To Make Pizza Dough w/ John Arena

John Arena of Metro Pizza and UNLV shares his recipe and method for making a New York style pizza dough.

John explains the recipe:
50 lbs of flour
31 lbs of water
2 oz of dry active yeast
16 oz of salt
16 oz of olive oli

Use baker per cents
For example for a 100 lb batch:
100 lbs of flour
62 lbs of water
Start by putting water in dough mixture. you want your dough to come out at 78 degrees
There is a friction factor when you mix.
Dissolve the yeast.
Add salt and add flour...Mix for 8 minutes.
Mix for 4 minutes add olive oil. Mix for another 4 minutes.
Take dough out on table. Cover and let it relax for 10-15 minutes.
divide it, round it and brush with olive oil.
Put it in dough tray and immediately put in the cooler.
Let it stay in cooler 2-3 days minimum.

You can use it after 1 and 1/2 days but it will be at its best as far as flavor, color development, and the ability to work the dough after 2-3 days. Then the dough will be at its peak.

Do not use sugar to accelerate the fermentation or use warm water to make everything happen faster. you want to do everything as slowly as possible to let the flavors and textures develop fully.

This dough recipe is from John Arena of Metro Pizza in Las Vegas.

Here is the Metro Website:

Las Vegas
Address: 1395 East Tropicana Ave
Las Vegas, Nevada
Phone: (702) 736-1955
Address: 4001 South Decatur Blvd
Las Vegas, Nevada
Phone: (702) 362-7896
Address: 4178 Koval Ln
Las Vegas, Nevada
Phone: (702) 312-5888
Address: 6720 Sky Pointe Dr
Las Vegas, Nevada
Phone: (702) 564-6726
Address: 1420 W. Horizon Ridge Pkwy
Henderson, Nevada
Phone: (702) 458-4769

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