Thursday, October 05, 2017

Mark Bello Makes New York Style Pizza at Pizza Expo

In this video Mark Bello of Pizza A Casa demonstrates how to make New York Pizza at Pizza Expo

Mark explains he created the pizza dough in his hotel room. He states empahtically that "Las Vegas tap" water makes great pizza.

Mark goes through every step to create pizza. He used a dough press to stretch the dough. This was amazing in itself. I never thought a machine would give a real dough stretch, but this machine totally proved me wrong. You can check out this amazing invention in the first few minutes of the video,.

Mark starts to create the pizza using a spoodle to measure out the sauce he uses on his pizza. This device gives excellent portion control and allows you to use just the correct amount of sauce.

He used

-6 ounces of sauce
- 8 ounces of cheese
- 16 ounces of dough
and a sprinkling of Romano Cheese

You can find out more about Mark and Pizza A Casa at:

Pizza A Casa. The following explains the Pizza A Casa philosophy.
Simply translated from Italian, “pizza a casa” means “pizza at home”. But it’s so much more than that.  It’s a social happening that brings people closer together, united in the love of creating and sharing good food.
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