Sunday, November 05, 2017

How to Stretch Your Pizza Dough & How To Use a Pizza Peel

This is a very helpful video on how to stretch pizza dough. While this may have a bit of a learning curve, the more you practice with pizza dough the better you will become. Practice to make your pizza turn into a masterpiece.

If you proofed your pizza dough in the fridge, remember to allow your pizza dough to warm up to room temperature. This is very important if you want to be able to form your dough ball correctly.

In the video, you will notice a six finger technique to initially form the dough ball into the correct shape. I like what Mark Bello suggests at (Pizza A Casa Pizza School). Mark calls the technique, soft bongos, that is lightly tapping your dough ball as you would a bongo drum. Think: "soft bongos" as you get your pizza into the right shape.

After the dough has been shaped you can hand stretch your dough into the correct shape>

You already have everything you need to make pizza in your own kitchen. If you are ready you take your pizza to the next level there is a pizza resource. If you are looking for pizza tools, I recommend to check out:

Pizza Therapy Pizza Tools. (

Learn Artisan Breadmaking with Peter Reinhart.

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