Saturday, December 30, 2017

7 Top Tips for Making Pizza at Home | Homemade Pizza

Here is a great video which gives some wonderful tips about making your own home-made pizza.

According to the video creator:
All right. So in Italy guys, pizza is every day. It's not something we're going to home make for a special occasion or because they have an empty Sunday afternoon. They do it every day because it's that approachable. It's that easy.
If you think about the dough, all you need is flour, water, which I know 90 percent of you already have at home, and then a 79 cent packet of yeast. That's how fast the flour comes together, with the yeast, the water, and it makes a homemade dough that's just so much better than buying it anywhere else.
I think the advice here is very sound for anyone who is making pizza for the first time. If you have not worked with dough before you may want to start using a rolling pin (Click on this link to discover rolling pins). However, once you have some experience with handling dough you may find that you can just shape the dough with your hands. Using a rolling pin will de-gas the dough. Shaping the dough by hand takes a little practice and the more you shape the dough by hand the easier it will be to handle.

The biggest take away from this video for me is that you can make great pizza at home.

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