Saturday, February 17, 2018


In this video Pizzaiolo, Maestro Vito Iacopelli of Provo shows an easy recipe to make potato chicken pizza.

The recipe is simple and straightforward. This is the video is time elapsed so you may have to pause it to get all the steps down. The first thing he does is to stretch the dough by hand. Watch as he pushes the dough with his fingertips masterfully moves his hands to get the correct shape.

Then he puts the base of the pizza which is roasted chicken (pollo arroasto) down on the dough.

Next, he layers fresh mozzarella on the pizza (mozzarella fresca). Then he splashes a drizzle of olive oil. Finally he tops the pie with roasted potatoes (patate al forno).

He uses a peel  to place the completed pizza into a wood-fired oven. He turns the pizza a few times to make sure it cooks evenly. you can watch as the raw dough is transformed into an incredible finished

Chicken and Potato Pizza.

The pizza looks absolutely amazing. This is a simple yet wonderful pizza recipe!

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