Thursday, March 15, 2018

Forging A Pizza in A Real Forge

From my good friend Irvo, I share the following story.
Don't try this at home. This is for experienced forgers only.

The pizza he cooks is kind of shady. Looks like an inexpensive supermarket pizza. This was little artisan work in the pizza. But the artisan work in the forge....well that's a different story.

The master forger shows how hot this forge is by explaining and showing what it did to a piece of steel. Basically, it turned a piece of metal into a piece of junk.

The pizza pan appears shady as well. He estimates the forge is up to 1.200 degrees F.

He cooks the pizza from raw to cooked in 1 minute and 30 seconds.No great shakes for a Neapolitan Pizzaiolo who can cook a pie in 60 to 90 seconds as well.

The cooked pizza is certainly well done with a nice char around the edges.

It's what he does next which I think is totally amazing. Instead of using a pizza wheel, he uses an ax to slam cut the pizza. It's one of those, you gotta see it moments.

Here's the video entitled Forging a Pizza:

.. All I can say is, I'm going to try the ax method on my next pizza... maybe. Until then I will just claim my pizza tools for this pizza kit: from Pizza Therapy

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