Thursday, August 30, 2018

Sbarro Pizza Story with Vinnie and Mari Sbarro at Pizza Expo

Video courtesy of Pizza Therapy

Sbarro's Pizza story with Vinnie and Madi Sbarro. Vinnie explains the history of Sbarro's and how it was founded by his Grandmother Carmella Sbarro. The store started in Brooklyn and was actually an Italian Deli but soon turned to pizza. At one point Sbarro's became the largest chain of pizzerias in Malls across the United States.
The family had some ups and downs over the years. 9/11 dealt a blow to their business and they never really recovered. The Sbarro's family sold the business to corporate owners in 2007.
After trying the pizza business himself for a while he became disillusioned. He sold his own pizza franchise.
Then he discovered the Fire Within and his pizza business flourished.
You can find out more about Vinnie's mobile business
Discover his pizza shop at:
6635 Alhambra Ave Ste 212
Martinez, California
His Facebook page:
The Fire Within

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