Tuesday, August 28, 2018

What Is a Grandma Pizza? Vincent Rotolo of Good Pie Explains Grandma Piz...

Video from http://pizzatherapy.com and http://legendsofpizza.com/blog
What is a Grandma Pizza? Vincent Rotolo the pizza master at Good Pie in Las Vegas explains the origin of this type of pizza. He gives a nod to Tony Gemignani of Pizza Rock for exploring different types of pizza styles. He explains that he started as a home pizza chef and then moved to be a trained pizzaiolo. The Grandma Pizza was part of that journey.
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Albert Grande said...

From my friend Pizza Expert Cary Steiner: Actually, Albert, the Grandma pizza was invented at Umberto's in New Hyde Park, NY, but first marketed by two former employees who opened King Umberto's a few miles away. When Lil and I took Peter Reinhart for his first Grandma's slice, it was Umberto's, not KU. The original Grandma's had basil as a principal herb - the King Umberto's version is more oregano flavored. Both are championship pizzas. The original article on the Grandma's pizza (which has always been highly respected on http://passion-4-pizza.com) was in Newsday and written by Erica Marcus. It's archived at https://www.newsday.com/lifestyle/restaurants/feed-me/grandma-pizza-the-full-story-1.825269