Tuesday, January 08, 2019

Learn to Make Artisan Bread with Peter Reinhart Learn to Bread Making Class

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This video is a review of Peter Reinhart’s Class: Artisan Breadmaking.
I’ve been a fan of Peter Reinhart’s for quite a few years. I own several of his books including Artisan Breads Every Day. The books are great but I always felt I was missing something. I have been able to replicate some of the recipes in my kitchen but they just didn’t seem complete. Kind of like I was missing some of the steps or technique.

Well that has all changed since I signed up for Peter’s course: Artisan Bread Making. Peter is a James Beard Award winner as well as an educator. He has devoted his life to bread making. And he will take you from a beginner bread maker to a maker of world-class bread.
The course has taken my own breadmaking skills as well as pizza making skills to another level.
In this video course, Peter takes you step by step into the breadmaking process. The first part of the course is an introduction to the course. Peter introduces himself and talks about some of the concepts involved in breadmaking. He gives you a list of the supplies needed for your bread making. He starts by explaining the stages of bread making. The first part of the course really gives you a foundation for everything that follows.

Click Here Bread Making with Peter Reinhart

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