Friday, July 24, 2009

An Innovative Pizza Oven

The Mario Pizza Oven

I just recieved the following email from Rick:

"Hello Albert:

If you want to see something really revolutionary in making pizza, check out this oven I am bringing into the US from Italy.

It is all electric (220 volt, 16 amps); 2 feet square, weighs 100 pounds, and heats up to 830 degrees F. It cooks a pizza in under 2 minutes. I have demonstrated this to several professional chefs here in Houston, and all of them want it. Please check out the video on my website and watch the demo.

It will take you to my partners site in Italy. I would like to have your thoughts. The end product is a perfectly crafted pizza that has the char, texture, flavor, aroma of a pizza made in an expensive and high maintenance wood burning oven. I am also bringing the dough and sauce in from Italy as well (fantastic product).

I do know my pizza, having lived in NY, been to the great ones in New Haven, CT,

(Albert's side bar: Pepe's, Sally's, Modern)

and of course, Italy. Looking forward to having your comments.

Thank you."

You can see the pizza oven in action at this link.

Please understand the facts about this oven:

1) Recommended for commercial use only
2) Will be available in the US in mid October
3) The pizza dough that is part of this system was under development for several years. The dough and the oven go hand in hand. It is the simplicity of preparation and the result that is so remarkable. We highly recommend our dough, but if someone wants to use the oven with their own dough, no problem.

Don't think you can just order one from Italy.

Rick has an exclusive contract.

Mario Pizza
I took a look at the pizza oven. Here is my response:

I love the concept. I think this pizza oven will make great pizza. I think the key is cooking your pizza at a very hight temperature. It seems this oven will do the trick.
My only question was: did you need to use a particular kind of pizza shell?
Rick reassured me you could use any type of dough.

The pizza oven is for making thin Neapolitan style pizzas.

Rick wrote back:

"I have used other pizza dough in the oven and it works just fine, as long as you do not make the pizza more than 14-16 diameter. It must the thin variety.
  • Oven heats up in 12 minutes to 830 degrees F.
  • Take dough from refrigerator, bring to room temp.
  • Shape it over the bowl, put on the sauce add the cheese (buffalo mozzarella really works well with this oven, because of the high temp), and any other toppings, ie basil, etc.
  • 2 minutes later its done.

    Come to Houston and I will demo and feed you!

    Regards, Rick"

And you know, I just might show up to try some of that Texas Pizza.

pizza on earth, and especially on the Lone Star State,

albert grande
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