Monday, May 20, 2013

Antimo Caputo Reveals the Secret of Caputo Flour

Ask any pizza master the type of flour they use and you will generally get the same answer: we only use Caputo flour.

.Some of the best pizza in the world is made with Caputo flour.

And with good reason. The flour is unique and original. The makers of Caputo flour. have perfected the method for making incredible flour.

I was lucky enough to engage Antimo Caputo, a member of the Caputo family. He carries the torch of excellence which has allowed the family to create a flour which is honored and revered as the best flour to make authentic Italian pizza.

For the International Pizza Expo, Antimo sponsored an entire crew of Italian pizzaioli (pizza masters). In addiditon they brought over hundreds of pounds of specialty flour for the Expo.

Antimo explained it is the passion of making the flour that is the secret.


Most artisan pizzerias use a high gluten pizza flour to make pizza. The brand of choice for many professionals is CaputoCaputo is imported flour, milled in Italy.

You can get a 55 pound bag, here: Antimo Caputo Pizzeria Flour, 55 Pound

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