Thursday, April 14, 2011

Making Good Progress on Pizza

Wayne writes:

I have been making good progress on the pizza. I found a premium mozzarella, but I quite often buy their regular mozzarella. I found that the premium mozzarella cheese was a better texture than the regular, and I thought it tasted better too.

I got some of the hard white wheat flour here at a local flour mill, and it was a high gluten spring wheat flour from the West. Although the flavour was rather bland, the texture was perfect.

I am thinking about experimenting with 20% all purpose flour, and 80%hard white wheat, and very the ratio until I get the right texture and flavour., If you have any suggestions regarding the flour, and cheese, I would appreciate hearing your suggestions.

Last Thursday, and Friday I ate a 12 inch round pizza that I was happy with the crust texture, but crust flavour was not quite as good as expected. But, hey, it was some progress which I am thankful for.

My toppings are not my main concern, as I will continue to use fresh ingredients in season, for both nutritional value, and flavour. I will also vary toppings for experimentation and variety.

I like all food, so toppings for me are easy. Also your e-Book (The Pizza Therapy Pizza Book) provides a variety of ingredients to choose from, which is helpful. I wish that I had access to fresh clams, as I love seafood, but I don’t know of anywhere close where fresh, saltwater, seafood is available.


My response:

You Wayne, are now the Master. I salute you.

Cheese: I have found buffalo mozzarella at our local Big Box Store a couple of times.
When I can get it, I use it. If not they usually have whole milk fresh mozzarella...I use that.

There are times when I have to use regular mozzarella. I usually buy a 5-10 lb bag. Cheese is much cheaper when you buy in bulk. I usually split it up into a number of packages and freeze what I do not use.
Mozzarella will usually freeze very well. I have never frozen fresh mozzarella, so I am not sure how it would work.

For cheese. I also like parmesan. I usually add it to all of my pizzas. I like asagio and percarino cheese as well.  I have also used provolone on pizza with good results.

The flour? I have used all kinds of flour: I really like caputo. It is great but expensive.

I like King Arthur they make a Sir Lancelot wich is great for pizza.

I have used General Mills Artisan flour. It used to be called Harvest King but I think they renamed it. Sometimes, where I live, quality ingredients like quality flour is hard to get and very expensive. So when all else fails, I use All Purpose flour. Sometimes I use and 50/50 All Purpose and Bread flour with good results.

So the type of flour really depends on what taste you like and what you are going for.

Recently I was able to interview a master baker from General Mills, stay tuned for that when I post it.

I want to encourage you to join the Pizza Therapy Forum add some comments, and some of your insights.

And at Pizza Therapy Pizza Blog please add some comments... 

I hope this helps.

pizza all over your kitchen...

albert  grande
Student of Pizza
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